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How does the indigo in jeans get there? Not very easily, and not as clean as people would like. But Sedo Engineering has made a new inroad. Clean, simple and economical ‘cleantech’ for manufacturing the dye leuco-indigo. Smart-Indigo™, an international innovation is “The Smarter Way to Indigo”.

Indigo is water-insoluble. So for the multi-step dyeing process it needs to be converted to water-soluble leuco-indigo. Whoever is familiar with the process knows that the current manufacture of leuco-indigo presents significant environmental problems and risks from handling chemicals because of the chemical reduction process, especially for suppliers and dyeworks. This is counterproductive and puts a shadow over the internationally beloved blue jeans.

A new, cutting-edge invention
After much research and development, Sedo Engineering has succeed in developing a solution for revolutionizing the leuco-indigo manufacturing using a new “electrochemical reduction” process. This new approach is based on an ingenious discovery made by the Swiss David Crettenand. He found a way to use an electrical charge for manufacturing leuco-indigo more easily and smarter by using an electrochemical procedure. Smart-Indigo™ is now a patented electrochemical procedure by Sedo Engineering ready for marketing. The three-dimensional electrode process produces “smarter leuco-indigo” simply with indigo powder, soda, and water. The automated procedure has been proven to be significantly cleaner and more environmentally friendly than all other production methods to date.

Simple “on-site production”
The leuco-indigo that is used for dyeing denim fabric at dyeworks today is often manufactured and delivered by suppliers. Sedo Engineering’s Smart-Indigo™ system is better done on-site. That means that long distances for transportation and the ensuing high costs are eliminated. The process can be leaner and more cleanly structured. This is possible through uncomplicated clean technology. As a modular solution, the production plants can be targeted toe specific needs. Operating, maintaining and servicing the plants is straightforward. The necessary work can be done by trained employees.

Greener and more economical
The new electrochemical process for manufacturing “smart leuco-indigo” is impressive because of its clear ecological advantages as well as its efficiency and profitably. Idealistic and economic interests go hand in hand. The electro-chemical reduction of water-insoluble indigo to “smart leuco-indigo” also has convinced experts and guarantees high quality indigo. The hope is that the use of chemicals in the dyeing process will be reduced long term and that the process of chemical reduction will become redundant.

Commitment to smarter indigo
The awareness of important consumer groups regarding sustainability and environmentally friendly produced textiles is steadily growing. This is also applicable to the indigo dye process: Focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly developments in the denim industry is meaningful and mostly undisputed. Smart-Indigo™ has arrived at just the right time. It is obviously “The Smarter Way to Indigo”. This outstanding innovation is good for everyone, leuco-indigo suppliers, denim dyeworks, brand name clothes and jeans manufacturers of all sorts and finally, all of the people who wear jeans and value clean work