Smart factory solutions from Sedo Treepoint

Sedo Treepoint Germany Since 1978, experts of process optimization being leading global provider of integrated automation systems, combining software and hardware for dyeing, printing and finishing sector.

Peak technology and excellent solutions for textiles

The group holds a very high technological know-how, thus aiming to represent excellence both in finishing and in yarn quality control systems. A global partner which is able to provide excellent solutions, having already established unique skills, through continuous research.

Savio brand is represented by the companies Savio Macchine Tessili, Savio (Shandong) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd and Savio India Ltd. Savio has been operating for one hundred year in the textile machinery industry dealing with the design, manufacturing and marketing of machines for yarn finishing segment. Over the past years, an internationalization process has been developed, involving expansions plans in the Chinese and Indian markets. In China, the manufacturing unit Savio Shandong, located in the modern industrial zone of Jining, is now well established in the local market. Particularly important is the market share achieved by Savio and its subsidiary in China, ranking the company as first winder manufacturer in the world. In India, Savio is now present with its own production plant, located in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), as the centre of commercial, after-sales and technical training activities. Additional offices in Ludhiana and Kolhapur allow to follow the whole Indian market, the products and the customer needs in real time.

Loepfe brand has been operating since 1955 in the yarn quality control and electronic systems for the textile industry. In particular, Loepfe plays a major role in the field of electronic clearers, which are considered by the market as products of high technology, high performance and excellent reliability.

BMSvision brand is active since 1974 in the business of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), optimizing efficiencies, quality and energy consumption in textile mills. Same systems are also applied in chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industrial plants.

Sedo Treepoint brand is active in the production of software and hardware for the dyeing and finishing sector.

Eutron and its Chinese subsidiary Axis have their core business in the EMS sector (Electronics Manufacturing Service), mainly in the industrial segment.

Mesdan, since 1952, has a leading position in the production of yarn splicing devices thanks to the development and ownership of several patents in the field of air and water joint technology. Mesdan is also active in the field of instruments for textile laboratories.