Ecology meets Economy; SEDO TREEPOINT SEMINAR

On behalf of SEDO TREEPOINT-Germany we are SM ENGINEERINT LTD. pleased to inform you that an exciting and relevant technology Seminar is to be held on November 16th 2014 Sunday at MARINO HOTEL  Uttara- Dhaka. 

To find out this simple method all you need to do is to attend our Seminar , all that it will take to discover the information that you need to make you richer than anyone you know, in the Seminar we will show you all about:

Topics: Ecology meets Economy

  • Ecologic production: Lower emissions (Environmental protection),  Energy optimized
  • Cost reduction
  • Saving resources through advanced dyeing, Printing and finishing technology
  • Which areas we have to control?
  • What department consumes more / less?
  • What causes / is our peak consumption?
  • What about our power factor (cos phi)?
  • What are abnormal consumptions and when do they occur?
  • What is the energy consumption for manufacturing 1 article or for an order?
  • What article is best produced on what machine?
  • What is the energy saving potential in textile finishing?
  • ….
  • Each company is different
  • Some energy saving investments cost little money
  • Some energy saving investments cost big money
  • Base the investment plan on saving potential (ROI)


Not only will there be many mind-provoking session and discussions at the seminar to give you more knowledge and benefits with regards to your small or big participation for the well being of our textile division. 


Thank you and we look forward to your confirmed participation, give me a ring today or replay  this with fill the Bellow blank.


Thank  You